Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.

For Jobseekers

Find your Joy at Work with help of soft skills and our free career tools.
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Join the Clevry IT Talent Hub

Spend your time working on projects, not looking for them. Clevry's IT Talent Hub offers independent consultants, freelancers and IT consulting companies an easy way to find interesting projects. Outsource finding new projects to us and free up time to concentrate on projects at hand.

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Why join the Clevry IT Talent Hub?

Use your time wisely

Concentrate on working on your projects and outsource finding your next one to us. No commitment and no fees for you. Just sign up and we'll contact you when we find a suitable project for you or your company.

New interesting projects

With the help of our extensive network, you can find interesting projects and gain invaluable experience with new industries and technologies.

Expand your network

As a full-suite talent management company, we work with many of the leading companies in Finland and across the globe. Let us help you expand your network and make new connections.


How does it work?

1. Fill in your details

Fill in your contact details as well as your skills and competencies or your company's expertise.


2. Join the network

Join our network free of charge. We'll get in touch when we find a suitable project for you.

3. Start your new project

When a suitable project comes up, we'll present it to you and connect you with the end client.


4. Invoice us

After you've named your hourly charge and all parties have agreed on the project, you can invoice us. No fees for you.


For freelancers

Are you a freelancer looking for interim projects?


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For consultancies

Is your IT consulting company looking to expand its client network?


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Whether you're a freelancer looking for new projects or an IT consultancy looking to expand your client base, we got you. Sign up to our IT hub and let us do all the heavy lifting in finding your next project.


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