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What happens after taking a numerical reasoning test?

By Dr. Alan Redman on Sep 1, 2022 11:08:00 AM

What do my numerical test results mean?

Your numerical reasoning test score is unlikely to be simply the number of questions you answered correctly. More often than not, your test results will be calculated on the basis of how your performance compares with other people who have taken the same numerical test before.

Can you cheat a numerical reasoning test?

By Dr. Alan Redman on Aug 4, 2022 11:05:39 AM

The temptation to cheat on an online numerical reasoning test is understandable; a lot can ride on the results and there’s no test administrator to keep an eye on what you’re doing. The potential for candidate cheating is often a source of anxiety for employers who use online tests for what can often be a high-stakes assessment.

Numerical reasoning test advice

By Dr. Alan Redman on Jul 5, 2022 2:09:00 PM

No one likes taking tests, especially ones involving any form of maths. We've put together a few of our top tips to help you succeed.

Numerical critical reasoning tests

By Dr. Alan Redman on Jun 3, 2022 12:37:00 PM

What is a numerical critical reasoning test?

Numerical critical reasoning tests are one of the most advanced forms of numerical reasoning test (a type of ability test). These types of ability tests contain complex and high-level numerical information that is designed to simulate the demands of senior level jobs. 

Developing numerical ability

By Dr. Alan Redman on May 25, 2022 11:24:21 AM

Modern day numerical reasoning tests are used as part of recruitment and training processes to measure your ability to understand, manipulate and make decisions based on numerical information. 

The Clevry onboarding process

By Elina Auvinen on Apr 22, 2022 11:02:28 AM

A High-quality, structured onboarding process is a great way to help new employees engage with their new role and workplace. Onboarding is something we focus on heavily at Clevry. It is something we have been doing for years, tweaking every little detail as we go to make it the best onboarding experience possible for our new colleagues.  

Topics: Onboarding

What are my strengths?

By Clevry on Apr 5, 2022 3:08:45 PM

It is well-known that confidence and a little self-promotion go a long way in the job search, so you need to identify your unique strengths to promote them. If you are confident about yourself and your skills, a new employer finds it easier to be confident in you. But self-promotion is not something we all know how to do. Some people do it naturally; others learn through encouragement and support as toddlers. Most of us, however, are better at being polite and understated. So we learn self-promotion like any other job skill.

Verbal reasoning test advice

By Dr. Alan Redman on Mar 17, 2022 5:04:28 PM

Over the last 10 years online recruitment has replaced traditional recruitment methods, a trend that has been exacerbated by the covid pandemic. This trend goes beyond recruitment however, and extends to assessing and selecting candidates too. 

Online verbal reasoning tests

By Dr. Alan Redman on Mar 14, 2022 12:43:04 PM

The old/traditional format for a verbal reasoning test was done using pen and paper whilst being held under supervised conditions. Today, due to the wonders of technology, times have changed and candidates will most likely be asked to complete their verbal reasoning tests online. 

6 Essential soft skills you need to succeed in 2022

By Ryan Inglethorpe on Mar 7, 2022 6:01:10 PM

For many years now, the recruitment industry has been dominated by a focus on candidates who can easily demonstrate their hard skills to recruiters, e.g. having a specific educational background, or the ability to use a specific piece of software. 

Topics: Soft Skills

Verbal reasoning strategies

By Dr. Alan Redman on Mar 3, 2022 11:30:38 AM

One of the most effective ways of developing your top score on a verbal reasoning test is to develop your test taking strategies. 

Developing verbal ability

By Dr. Alan Redman on Feb 28, 2022 1:36:08 PM

Your verbal ability is like a muscle. And like any muscle it responds and can be developed by exercising it. Regularly exercising your verbal ability will help it to grow and become stronger. Like all muscles, if you stop using it, it will soon weaken, meaning you will be unlikely to perform at your best if asked to take a verbal reasoning test.

What are my strengths at work?

By Ryan Inglethorpe on Jan 31, 2022 5:40:02 PM

Want to find out what your strengths at work are?

Take our free personality test and find your work strengths now.

Personality counts at work, but articulating your own personality traits, your strengths and motivational factors may not always be easy when applying to a job. 

Graduate Scheme Application Tips

By Ryan Inglethorpe on Jan 12, 2022 12:22:35 PM

Applying for a graduate scheme can seem daunting at first, but it needn't be. We've summarised some of our top tips to help you be more successful in your graduate scheme applications. 

Situational Judgement Test Advice: 5 Ways to Ace an SJT

By Ryan Inglethorpe on Nov 23, 2021 2:47:18 PM

Have you been asked to complete a situational judgement test (SJT), but aren’t too sure what to expect? Continue reading to see how you can best prepare for the test. 

Psychometric Test Advice – 13 Top Tips for Test Takers

By Lily Harvey on Oct 14, 2021 2:01:48 PM

Applying for a new job can be a daunting experience. Taking a psychometric test however, doesn't' need to be.  

Job Crafting: How to Get the Most out of Your Job

By Lily Harvey on Sep 27, 2021 5:29:55 PM

On a grey Monday in April you may find yourself staring into oblivion, past what is waiting to be completed on your computer screen. Do you like your job? Of course. You just find it hard to stay motivated and complete tasks that aren’t always best suited to you.