Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.

For Jobseekers

Find your Joy at Work with help of soft skills and our free career tools.
Working at clevry


Clevry’s Recruitment team provides first-class recruitment and staffing services to our customers. The team includes several roles, such as talent sourcing and recruitment management.

This team possesses the ability to help the right people find suitable roles for them and most importantly, find joy at work. When working in recruitment, one must be motivated by a fast-paced environment, but also enjoy helping other people.

We are proud of the level of expertise this team demonstrates and it is something we do not take for granted

Career stories


Iina Rautio


“ Being able to help people find and obtain their dream job always gives me a kick, and I’ve had some truly eye-opening discussions with job seekers and career changers. ”


Johan Ljungberg


“ You were supposed to help each other and go through all the clients and candidates together, which sounded like a very pleasant way of working. ”


Emelie Larsson


“I am in contact with many HR managers and when you talk about culture, you understand that there is not always a real corporate culture and then you realise that we are quite unique with what we have.”